Localized Visual Studio 2008 in 9 new languages

Visual Studio 2008 has been localized into Arabic, Czech, Hebrew, Hindi, Polish, Tamil, Turkish, Malayalam and Oriya as a free “CLIP” download package.

“CLIP” stand for “Captions Language Interface Pack”. It’s basically an add-on with localized user interface that you install on top of the English version of Visual Studio. The CLIP package allows you to see translations of menus, button and so on as tooltips when running Visual Studio.

It’s designed for users who use the English version, but want to see the most common user interface in their own language as well.

The translations in the CLIP package are a joint-effort between Microsoft and local communities.

When you hover your mouse over a menu or command, a separate box (or a tooltip depending on your setup) will display the translation in the local language. You can also add your own translation for user interface items.

CLIP in Visual Studio 2008

Just Like a Magic:
A smart way from Microsoft. CLIP gets Microsoft not to provide another copies from it’s products for native languages (e.g. Arabic, Turkish). But, The downward side is that CLIP isn’t specific for Visual Studio 2008 or even any product! CLIP is for everything. Just point in a word and CLIP checks the dictionary and returns it’s equivalent in the selected language.
That’s may be OK for many users using many applications in English. But, If you consider using it for VS2008 it will be really useless. Because of, these CLIP packages contain only the common words (like, File, Edit, View). However, It doesn’t contain the translation of such words, as a simple example, ‘Console’!!!

Source: Microsoft Terminology Blog