Visual Studio 2010’s New Look Unveiled at VSLive!

Microsoft kicked off VSLive! San Francisco 2009 this week with more news about what’s planned for Visual Studio 2010.

In the keynote on Tuesday, Microsoft General Manager for Visual Studio Jason Zander showcased advances in the new VS 2010 user interface (UI) for the first time to VSLive! attendees.

“We’ve announced so far that we are using WPF for the new editor that we’ve put in place and made a lot of progress on that,” he said in a pre-show interview. “With this release of the product, we will be showing our overall new UI for the product.”

According to Zander, Microsoft has “modernized the look and feel for VS 2010” with a new UI built on WPF that rearranges file menus and commands at the top of the IDE. “We are making extensive use of the .NET Framework 4.0…as well as the WPF technology within the framework,” he said. “We’ve improved the way you can examine your source code, your project system, the hierarchies that you have and all the data stored in TFS, as well.” Screenshots of the new UI can be viewed at Zander’s blog.

Source- Redmond Developer News