Today Marks 1 Year of my PMP Credentials, Here are Some Exam Prep Links!

Hi, today, the 2nd of June 2019, marks 1 year of earning my PMP credentials. It took many months to understand and get a solid grasp of the various project management concepts. I read many books and plenty of online papers through my journey. And, believe me, it is one of the best, yet difficult, experiments I had. The more you read in project management, the more you learn, the stronger and more powerful your mind becomes, and the more you can handle in your work and your personal life.

During the journey, I used Joseph Phillips’s Udemy course to earn the PDUs. Joseph is one of the great educators in this area, yet his Udemy courses are much cheaper than other competitors. And his Facebook group is very much helpful than any other group.

Finally, for whom preparing for the exam, here are some exam simulators and training questions for your final preparations. I have divided the links into 3 groups and ordered them the way I see the best. Most of them are FREE while some require very little cost. It’s worth mentioning that you will see NONE of those questions in the real exam. And the real exam is… really… hard. The only advice I can give you is to focus on EVERY word.

Group A:

Group B:

Group C:

P.S.: Here’s a copy of my PMP certificate. Say Mashallah! 🙂

A copy of my PMP certificate