Download Vista Bridge Sample Library 1.4

The Vista Bridge Sample Library contains source code for assemblies that provide managed code developers access to Windows Vista features that are not available in the .NET Framework. Some of the features included in the Vista Bridge Sample Library are – Vista style Task and File Dialogs, Common Open and Save dialogs, Application Recovery and Restart, Known Folders, Network Lists, Power Management, User Account Control, CommandLink control, Aero Wizard Control, System provided icons etc.

The Vista Bridge Sample Library also includes sample applications that demonstrate many of the features included in the library. A help file for the library, (vistabridgedocumentation.chm), is included.

The latest version (1.4) of this library includes various bug fixes and new features like Custom Controls for Common File Dialogs, BreadCrumb bar control and Aero Glass.

To build the library in Visual Studio 2008, please extract the contents of the ‘’ file in a new folder, open the included ‘vistabridge.sln’ file and build it.

Download from HERE