Great Visual Studio 2010 Wallpapers, Logos, and Color Schemes

I was hanging around and found a very sexy blog, Visual Studio 2010 Community Wallpapers.

This is a non-Microsoft blog, filled with Visual Studio wallpapers sent by users and communities worldwide.

Personally, I got that wallpapers from there:

You can visit the blog using the following link:

And here’s another site of interest, it’s Studio Styles.

Studio Styles is a very nice community for sharing Visual Studio color schemes. Go there and get your desired color scheme NOW:

Launched Visual Studio 2010!

Actually, I’m about 50 hours (I won’t say 2 days :P) late from the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. I was attending there in CodeProject Tech Summit 2010 for the launch when Bob Muglia gave the keynote speech (Life Runs on Code.)

A bunch of updates has been made to Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 including new visual designers, new capabilities when running on multi-core processors, less time debugging and code interpretion, integrated version control and bug tracking, and more (read more here.)

Five editions of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 are available:


The least in features and the least expensive edition. For individuals to perform basic development tasks.

Download Details (Trial Version):


For individuals and teams to deliver scalable, high-quality applications.

Download Details (Trial Version):


ALM (Application Lifecycle Management formerly called Team System) tools for teams to ensure quality results, from design to deployment.

Download Details (Trial Version):

Test Professional

Specialized toolset for QA teams to simplify test planning and manual test execution.

Download Details (Trial Version):

Team Foundation Server

Automates and streamlines the software delivery process for all team members.

Download Details (Trial Version):

Compare Visual Studio 2010 Editions

Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

Now you can with Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

What’s new in 2010?

  • Set your ideas free
    Create what you can imagine, build on the strengths of your team, and open up new possibilities.
  • Simplicity through integration
    A single integrated development environment that takes your skills further and adjusts to the way you work.
  • Quality tools help ensure quality results
    Powerful testing tools with proactive project management features help you build the right app the right way.

Get it Now!

Visual Studio 2010’s New Look Unveiled at VSLive!

Microsoft kicked off VSLive! San Francisco 2009 this week with more news about what’s planned for Visual Studio 2010.

In the keynote on Tuesday, Microsoft General Manager for Visual Studio Jason Zander showcased advances in the new VS 2010 user interface (UI) for the first time to VSLive! attendees.

“We’ve announced so far that we are using WPF for the new editor that we’ve put in place and made a lot of progress on that,” he said in a pre-show interview. “With this release of the product, we will be showing our overall new UI for the product.”

According to Zander, Microsoft has “modernized the look and feel for VS 2010” with a new UI built on WPF that rearranges file menus and commands at the top of the IDE. “We are making extensive use of the .NET Framework 4.0…as well as the WPF technology within the framework,” he said. “We’ve improved the way you can examine your source code, your project system, the hierarchies that you have and all the data stored in TFS, as well.” Screenshots of the new UI can be viewed at Zander’s blog.

Source- Redmond Developer News