PM Notebook – Appendix E: Estimating Techniques

This chapter is part of my personal notebook for PMP preparation. Check out the full notebook here.

This notebook summarizes project management concepts and terms in PMP context. This section summarizes estimating techniques.

Contents of this section are as follow:

  • 3-Point Estimates
    • Simple/Triangular Distribution
    • Beta Distribution / Weighted Average / PERT (Program/Project Evaluation Review Technique)
  • Other Estimating Techniques
    • Analogous Estimating / Top-down Estimating
    • Bottom-up Estimating
    • Definitive Estimate
    • Heuristics
    • Historical Relationships
    • One-Point Estimating
    • Parametric Estimating
    • Published Estimating Data
    • Rough Order Magnitude (ROM) / Ballpark Estimate
    • Scientific/Sophisticated Wild-Ass Guess (SWAG)