Does not Genymotion Emulator Show in Visual Studio? Here’s a Fix!


Genymotion emulator is running in client machine and not being displayed in Visual Studio emulator list.

Genymotion emulator does not show in Visual Studio emulator list.
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Accessing Protrack API (an Object-Oriented Approach)


Protrack is one of the well-known web-based GPS tracking software and today we will learn how to access its API using C# and .NET Framework. We will create a little wrapper around the API and use it to track GPS devices in a target account. This lesson will show you some of object-oriented concepts in action.

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I’m Back!

Hello everyone, I’m back!

It’s been a few, some good, some terrible, years since my last blog post. I have been very busy since I started working at Continental School of Cairo. I have done quite a lot of projects there, I got promoted, I run a team, I failed thousand times, and I won.

Despite that, the last two years were not easy at all, actually they were terrible. I feel more tightened and totally overwhelmed by an increasing number of non-related time-consuming tasks, my burn-down chart is “burning-up”, really stressed, and don’t have any time for a vacation. I realize that I need a change, a big one! I’m really disappointed and need to get back to track.

I started by delegating some routine tasks to my team, but that did not help much. The number of tasks that can be delegated is fairly small, or at least I’m so insecure when it comes to delegation. I always feel that I should do everything myself or at least watch someone does closely. So this has been sorely failed!

I have no other solutions and I cannot hold it anymore. I cannot decide whether it’s really time to quit. Quitting is one of the riskiest decision I may take and it does not sound like it’s a good one. I have a family and I have many plans that could be extremely affected by the decision.

On the bright side, the past few years has witnessed my marriage, my first baby, Layla, earning my MCSA (SQL Server) certificate, my MCSE (Data Management and Analytics), and finally my PMP credentials.  

Now the real question is: why I’m back? The answer is simply I want to be in other circles. I feel that my circle is so tight so that I cannot keep breathing. I want to be there somewhere else. I need to get out of the routine and get back to track. I’m back, full of enthusiasm and eagerness to help and get help!

So, little Amelie, your bones aren’t made of glass. You can take life’s knocks. If you let this chance go by, eventually your heart will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton. So… Go and get him, for Pete’s sake!

Raymond Dufayel, Amelie [2001]

Today Marks 1 Year of my PMP Credentials, Here are Some Exam Prep Links!

Hi, today, the 2nd of June 2019, marks 1 year of earning my PMP credentials. It took many months to understand and get a solid grasp of the various project management concepts. I read many books and plenty of online papers through my journey. And, believe me, it is one of the best, yet difficult, experiments I had. The more you read in project management, the more you learn, the stronger and more powerful your mind becomes, and the more you can handle in your work and your personal life.

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Intellisense for Google Maps API in Visual Studio

If you wish to incorporate Intellisense for the Google Maps JavaScript API in Visual Studio you can use the following open-source project for version 3: For version 2 of the API, you can use the following project: [Quick start guide and documentation is available in each link.]